Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3 recap

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Another week has gone by. These weeks and summer seem to be rushing away fast. Overall, marathon training has been fun but things are about to change (read below).

A few months ago, I signed up to run my first half-marathon, which is this weekend (July 20th). I was pretty excited to run the race because the Rock and Roll Half is supposed to be a fun race. And guess what? Olympic bronze medalist, Shalane Flanagan will be running the race this year. She is a top endurance athlete and marathoner. I hope she will have an opportunity after the race for her fans to greet her. I decided yesterday, not to run this race because of my current injury. Read below.

Continue reading below for a description of how my week went down. Also, I decided to take a break from running for a while. Read below for more on this decision.

Week 3 of marathon training
Dates: July 7 – July 13, 2014
Number of runs: 4
Total Distance: 16.69 miles (I was supposed to run 28 total miles according to my Nike training plan)

Monday, 07 July 2014
4 miles (ran 4 miles)
As usual, I met with Nike Chicago crew for our weekly Monday evening group runs. This run was special for me because Carolyn, one of the Nike pacers for summer training, kept motivating me to continue running. I struggled a lot to finish because: 1) it was HOT – our group went out at 6:30pm and the temperature was in the upper 80’s F and 2) my left ankle/shins just was exploding with tightness. I walked/ran this 4 mile distance.

Afterwards, our group was treated with snacks (Kind bars) and water/Gatorade. A guest speaker was invited to then speak to us about running form and stretching techniques. I really enjoyed the lecture. I also met a new friend today, Rick, who was at the Nike Bucktown store. He is currently training for the New York City marathon.

Tuesday, 08 July 2014
6 miles (ran 6 miles)
I ran on my own today but I saw Mehnaz as I was running. It was great to see a running friend. Chicago runners are literally everywhere.


I woke up to some pretty good news this morning. When I opened my email, I found out that I won FabFitChicago’s ‘Sweatworking’ Instagram photo contest. For the contest, people were supposed to post pictures of how they sweat for summer. Since I exercise a lot and therefore sweat a lot, I decided to submit some photos of me exercising. Little did I know I would WIN. YAY!! I’m so happy.

I won a free 3 day meal challenge at My Fit Foods. Basically, I will be getting lots of free and yummy foods and snacks for 3 days. This ‘challenge’ is to see if I can eat healthy for 3 days and eat just food from My Fit Foods.

4 miles (ran 0 miles)

Rest Day (I ran 4.04 miles)
Since I didn’t run yesterday, I decided to run today. It was a bad decision because my left ankle and shins still hurt when I run.

4 miles (ran 0 miles)
I found out today that I won a 10-class package to take classes (for FREE) at Cross Town Fitness (CTF). I am super excited about this especially since Betina, who is an instructor at CTF, also teaches at Nike Training Club here in Chicago. I love her high energy and overall love for fitness. CTF is less of a gym and more of a fitness studio. You can take different kinds of classes there from high-intensity cardio to strength training classes. I’m excited to workout there soon!!



10 miles (ran 0 miles and cross-trained with Nike Training Club)
It felt good not too run today. I think I’ve been running too much and exerting unnecessary pressure on my injured leg. Breaks are good sometimes.

I attended NTCSummerTour workout this morning at 9:30am. This is the 4th series of these workouts this summer. It is a free workout provided by Nike. Today’s workout was in Thalia Hall in the Pilsen neighbourhood of Chicago. Interesting enough, this workout was indoors and I was happy about that because it was raining this morning. As always, the workout left me feeling energised and strong. ALSO, I was chosen as an MVP of today’s workout and as a reward, I got free dance lessons at THE LAB dance studio. Yay!



Rest day (Ran 2.6 miles).

I attended a free event this evening at a running store, Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, the South Loop location. The event was a marathon nutrition seminar hosted by Coach Sara. Sara is a Road Runners Club of America running coach and nutrition health coach.

Her lecture tonight was excellent. I learnt a lot about how much I should be eating while training for a marathon especially my carbohydrates and protein content. I also learnt about what foods to avoid. Most importantly, I learnt that hydration is very important during running and post-workout. Drinking plenty of water and sports drinks (with electrolytes) will be my key to success as I train. Thank you for the wealth of information Sara 🙂


I ran a small distance today because my left ankle joint and left shins is still in serious pain. It gets very tight. For this reason, I have decided to STOP running altogether for at least a month. This was a very tough and painful decision to make because if you know me, you know that I love to run. But, sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. I need to take care of my body before things get worse.

So, I am going to start doing some stretching exercises to heal my left shins/left ankle. I will still exercise by doing NTC workouts, yoga, etc. I will do light intensity exercise so that I don’t hurt myself anymore. I’m happy that I am only in the beginning weeks of marathon training. It is better for me to stop running now than wait until Week 13 of training when it will be too late (my training program is 16 weeks).

How will I workout? By using the NTC app on my phone, attending live NTC classes for free, taking class at Crosstown fitness (using my 10-class package), and using my free 2-week pass at LakeShore Sport & Fitness.

I probably won’t be blogging for a while but I promise to be back in full force.

Have you had a runners injury before? If so, how did you heal? Tell me in the comments below.



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