Nike Professional Athlete – Dathan Ritzenhein


Question – How does a typical training week look for you?

Answer: “I normally run between 100-120 miles a week. That averages to about 17-18 miles a day. Of course, I do sometimes take breaks from running to cross train (swimming, biking, weight lifting, etc)” – Dathan Ritzenhein

100 miles a week? Wow, that’s a lot of running if you ask me but Dathan is a professional runner so I suppose it’s not that surprising that he runs so much.

Yesterday evening, Nike Chicago Marathon training group met Dathan Ritzenhein – an American long-distance runner, Olympian, husband, and father. He ran the 2012 Chicago Marathon while setting a new personal record time of 2:07:47, coming in 9th place.

He has been running professionally since he was 23 years old and now he is 31. He has ran in several world championships and he has ran in famous marathons such as the Boston and NYC marathons. He is a Nike sponsored athlete and has been involved with the Nike Oregon Project.

He is hoping to qualify for the 2016 Olympics.

I had a great time at dinner with my Nike crew and I enjoyed chatting with Dathan and asking him questions.

P.S. I asked Dathan where one of his favourite places to run is and his response was St. Mortiz in Switzerland.



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