Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4 recap

“Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead focus on one small change at a time. Over time, those small changes will add up to big transformation.”

Photo from Nike Women.

Week 4 of marathon training
Dates: 14 July – 20 July, 2014
Number of runs: 0
Total Distance: 0 miles

OH MY GOSH!! I have not ran in more than a week.

It’s no surprise that I am slightly, no majorly, freaking out right now. I have not ran in more than 7 days and the Chicago Marathon is 2 months away.

While it has been nice taking a break from running, this was not by choice. As you all know, I am dealing with a runners injury. Basically, my shins and ankle on my left leg tighten up really bad when I go running and I’m not sure what caused this immense pain.

I am trying to stay positive but it is really hard not running. This week Tuesday, I met Dathan Ritzenhein, a Nike professional athlete. I asked him how he handled all his injuries and surgeries. He told me that it was hard to be injured as a runner but he managed to forget the pain and do as little as he could to remain physically active. Hearing his story definitely made me feel more at ease with my injury.

So how am I healing? I’ve started doing some stretching (physical therapy) exercises on my own at home. I’ve also started icing my legs but I don’t do it enough.

When I started running with my Nike Chicago marathon training crew back in June, many people warned me to take it easy but I didn’t listen. I knew I was in pain but I was determined to keep fighting through that pain. NOW, I realize that I have to be less stubborn and just listen to my body. If I really want to heal by August then I need to make recovery an everyday habit. So, no more running for me. I may try go on a slow jog next week to see how my leg feels.

I haven’t worked out with Nike Training Club in a while but I do little exercises at home and lift weights. I am not a member of a gym so having free workouts with Nike, led by Nike trainers really helps me maintain my fitness. This weekend is the last NTCSummerTour workout so I hope to see some of you there (although I may not go actually).

Even though I am not currently running, I just remembered that I have the option to workout for free at Crosstown fitness. If y’all read my Week 3 training recap, you know that I was given a 10-class package from Crosstown Fitness just because they noticed that I workout a lot (they saw my pics on Instagram). I feel very lucky and blessed to be recognized by them.

How was your week in training? If you are not training for a marathon then what kind of exercises do you do? I’d love to hear about your workouts so comment below.

Also, please share any tips you have with me in terms of staying injury free.



2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4 recap

  1. I know how rough it is to REST when your in training. I’ve had my fair share of running related injuries and it truly is test of patience and faith. I hope you make the mend soon, you can knock out plenty of long runs in the next 2 months. Mind over matter. But let that amazing body God blessed you with heal first!

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