Rita Jeptoo – Kenyan Professional Runner


On Monday, July 28th, I met Rita Jeptoo, a professional distance runner from Kenya. Nike, in collaboration with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, invited her to speak to runners about her training experiences. If you didn’t already know, Rita is a Nike sponsored athlete. Just last year, she won the Boston Marathon (2:26:25) and the Chicago Marathon (2:19:57). She set her personal best time at the 2013 Chicago Marathon – pretty AMAZING!!

Before she arrived at the Nike Bucktown store, some runners went out on a group run. I didn’t run with the group because my ankle/shins was still not 100% healed yet.

After the runners returned, they were treated to some healthy Kind snacks and sports drinks along with bottled water. Rita then arrived to talk to everyone and conduct a mini Q&A session led by a Nike employee.

It was really great to hear her advice.

Here are a few things that she advised us on. They may seem simple but they have worked for her, a pro runner:

1. You must follow your training schedule
2. Cook your own food and don’t eat McDonalds
3. Speed workouts are very important
4. Cook with less oil

I felt truly inspired after meeting Rita. She is running the 2014 Chicago Marathon which is in October. I look forward to meeting her again (hopefully) later this year.

After meeting Rita, a doctor came to speak about running injury myths. I enjoyed the lecture because I am recovering from an injury.


By the way, Emily wrote a longer blog post about meeting Rita Jeptoo. You can read it on her blog here.

Which athlete inspires you? Let me know in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Rita Jeptoo – Kenyan Professional Runner

  1. Agnes, thanks so much for the shoutout! Isn’t Rita Jeptoo AMAZING? So down to earth and unbelievably inspirational.

    It looks like the discussion on running injuries was really good. I should have stuck around for that part, too! I wish your shins/ankles a speedy recovery!

    1. Rita is awesome. She was very relaxed and confident when speaking to the group. She was also very serious when she was giving us advise on training for a marathon. Running a marathon is no joke as I will soon discover (I’m running my first marathon as you know).

      The running injuries discussion was very technical but the Doctor broke it down for us all to understand. Definitely very helpful.

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