Girls Night Out: New Balance Chicago

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”


On Wednesday, August 13th, I attended New Balance ‘Girls Night Out’ fitness event in the city. I had a ton of fun exercising and meeting new people. This was a free event.

I found out about Girls Night Out from Maggie, who I know from Chicago Run Bloggers. She created a running blog specifically for Chicago runners; not just runners in general, but runners who also blog and have their own websites. I actually finally met Maggie face-to-face at this event. It’s always fun meeting bloggers LIVE.

I found out later that evening that Maggie and my roommate are cousins. It all happened when I came back home after the workout and showed my roommate the below photo. She then texted Maggie the pic below and said: “hey, that’s my roommate.” Haha…small world hey?


Photo via Action Booth. This photo was taken right after exercising. Do you see how sweaty I am? Anyway, I finally got to meet some of my favourite bloggers: Erica, Emily, and Maggie. Maggie is to the right of me in the photo.

I arrived at New Balance Chicago (a running store) a few minutes after the event had started. I even missed the below group photo:


Photo via Action Booth.

Once I set aside my belongings (bag), I left the store and jogged to Fullerton beach (lakeshore path) for the workout. The run was just under a mile. I arrived just in time for the workout. The workout was led by a trainer from Jim Karas personal training studio. It was a typical strength training workout with exercises such as lunges, high knees, push-ups, and so on.


Photo source via Jim Karas Instagram.

After the intense workout, we all jogged back to the New Balance store for a mini post-workout celebration which included food, drinks, and a fun photo booth.



I had so much fun jumping for joy at the photo booth 🙂


At the end of the night, everyone went home with a swag bag filled with goodies.


The swag included a wine tumbler, headband, whistle (for safety), protein bar, discounts to Jim Karas Personal Training and Chicago Cyro Spa. Deep Eddy vodka handed out sunglasses and lip balms during the night.


Thank you New Balance Chicago for bringing us women together for an epic workout and thanks Maggie for gathering Chicago Running Bloggers.



Do you ever attend fitness events and workout outside? Let me know in the comments below.



11 thoughts on “Girls Night Out: New Balance Chicago

  1. Hi Agnes! Fabulous recap! It was so great getting to meet you in person that night! I love all of your pictures, especially the one of you jumping and the one of you and the guy flexing in front of the lakefront. ROAR!!! =)

    1. Hi Emily 🙂 Likewise. It was awesome meeting you as well. My favourite pic of the night was definitely the one of me jumping!! I hope to see you around soon.

  2. Aww, that looked really fun! 🙂 Since I moved to Chicago 1.5 months ago the only fitness event outside I’ve attended so far was a fun run since most of the summer I was battling IT Band syndrome. Now that I’m healed I hope to scout out more events and fun runs in the area and attend the ones I can fit in around my school and part time job schedule! In addition to running, I’d really like to do an outdoor yoga class or an outdoor strength class!

    1. Yes, these fitness events are super fun. Since I’m training with Nike for my first marathon, I’ve been fortunate to get to attend a lot of fitness events. Hi, you know, Class Pass is launching in Chicago. I just heard about class pass. With a monthly fee, members can attend many gyms and fitness centers all for one fee. Their launch party will take place in early September and this party will be in several gyms where guests will workout then leave home with a swag bag. I was invited to attend. The gyms include Exhale Chicago, Flywheel Chicago (cycling), and one more. Email me at if you wanna come. I totally forgot that you love in Chitown 🙂 I haven’t done yoga in such a long time and I miss it. The city holds free workouts all summer on Saturdays and yoga is included. I need to go before it ends.

    2. Th community manager at Class Pass emailed me today and asked me to invite people; especially fitness and health bloggers. Once you email me, I’ll send you the special webpage where you can sign up. I’m totally excited for the free launch classes for Class Pass 🙂

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