Spartan Race Giveaway


I was recently contacted by a spartan race organizer who gave me a free race entry (any race) and you get one too! It’s time to to push yourself to the physical and mental limit!

If you’ve ever thought about running a Spartan race then think no more. I’ve always wanted to run an obstacle course race and a Spartan race seems like a great one to do. This giveaway entitles one winner to win an entry to any U.S. Spartan race this year. Oh my goodness, get excited.

Spartain Race Photo

Okay, I wouldn’t describe this race as hell, as the above photo seems to indicate, but I will say that it is a tough obstacle race. While I haven’t personally ran a Spartan race yet, I know some people who have and they told me they had a blast. Don’t get me wrong though, this race is no walk in the park so be prepared to push yourself to the limit while still having fun. So what is a Spartan race?

“Spartan races are built around the idea of returning runners back to the ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life.” Their events are “all about challenging today’s perception of normal.” So yes, there will be ropes, mud, fire, and all sorts of obstacles but at the end of the race, you’ll come out a SPARTAN.


If you are a beginner runner, don’t fear. There are several distances to choose from before you conquer those obstacles. There is the entry level Spartan Sprint (3 miles & 15+ obstacles), intermediate level Super Spartan (8 miles & 20+ obstacles), the advanced Spartan Beast (12 miles & 25+ obstacles), and the extreme Ultra Beast (26 miles). This isn’t just a regular trail or mud run, it’s a RACE. So get ready to run.

I read on another blog about some keys to success for a spartan race. Advice – wear trail shoes and wear something that covers your knees (such as 3/4 running tights/pants). Trail shoes are necessary if you’ll be running on muddy, uneven, or rocky terrain (as is the case for Spartan races). Covering your knees is wise because you will be bending, climbing, possibly jumping through fire, and maybe crawling under barbed wire so you want to keep your knees covered in case you fall and get scratched. My best advice would just be to have fun 🙂


Since I’ll be running a marathon and half-marathon within 6 days of each other (coming up SOON), I’ve decided to give my body some rest and do a Spartan race next year. I can’t wait to run my first Spartan race next year. But hey, you can still run a Spartan race this year. Just enter my giveaway now!

The giveaway details are simple:
1) Enter down below by clicking on the Rafflecopter link – add a blog post comment (required) and follow me on twitter for an additional entry (optional)
2) The winner gets an entry for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental USA in 2014.
3) Giveaway runs until Tuesday, October 14th.  If you don’t win, you can get 10% off any race by entering the discount code ‘SPARTANBLOGGER’

You can sign up for a race here –

Are you convinced yet? Running a spartan race is super awesome and to make it even more rewarding, why not make a fun trip out of this and travel for a race? Spartan races are now all over the U.S. and around the world. I suggest the following upcoming races: Miller Park sprint (in Wisconsin) on November 1st, Dallas sprint & beast on November 1st/2nd (in Texas) and the Mississippi Spartan sprint on November 8th (in Mississippi)

Time to #SpartanUp in 2014. AROO!


click here to enter –> a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. [I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. I was contacted by a Spartan race organizer to post a blog about Spartan races and generate some buzz on some upcoming races. I received a free race entry to any Spartan race of my choice in exchange for writing this post.}


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