NTC workout: Getting back into fitness

For the past month, I’ve been resting my body and I haven’t exercised. I guess I’ve been lazy but I really just wanted my body to recover after running my 1st marathon last month. I trained very hard this summer and I hardly took time to rest. Also, with my recent move to a new city, I’ve been quite busy.


To get myself back into fitness, I will start scheduling in my workouts on my calendar again. Also, I will bring out my workout clothes the night before so that it’s easier to get moving the next day. So for example, last night, I brought out my workout gear that I would wear today.



This afternoon, I did a quick Nike Training Club (NTC) cardio workout. I hope to continue tomorrow with another NTC workout. NTC has an app that you can download on your phone with over 100 exercises to choose from. Since I knew I would get tired quickly (because I hadn’t exercised in a long time), I choose a 20 min workout (1 quick 5 min cardio session followed by 15 mins of Abs ). Ab exercises are the best. A strong core is so important. Gradually, I’ll increase my workouts to get back to my regular 1 hour workouts.

If you are just getting back into fitness, it is important to slowly ease back into it rather than rushing. I know in order for me to start doing 30+ minutes of cardio, I will have to start with 5-15mins increments a day. Since cardio exercises are quick movements that get the heart rate up, I know it will be slightly difficult to get back into optimal fitness. I’m just taking it one day at a time.




My favourite exercises are cardio exercises. I don’t have a gym membership so I do many of my workouts at home. This is why I love NTC (Nike Training Club) workouts. There are different levels to choose from and you’ll always feel energised after doing an NTC workout. I encourage you to download the NTC app and start exercising.


Now that winter is here, I won’t be running outside at all (maybe a few times). It’s way too cold to be running outside plus, I find that my best exercises are strength workouts and cardio style workouts rather than running.

It’s important to just have fun with exercising. Gather your friends (cheer squad) and get moving. If you don’t have exercise buddies, then post your workouts on Instagram, twitter or facebook and I’m sure people will comment on your posts.


Photos of my friends cheering me on at the Chicago Marathon


One quick tip is to do easy exercises while waiting for your food to cook in the kitchen. The photo below is of me doing high knees while frying eggs today…haha.


What are your favourite exercises?


***Disclaimer – I am not a doctor or fitness instructor so these tips are just my own personal tips. They are not to be used for your own exercise plan. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise plan***


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