New things on the blog + my workouts this week

“It doesn’t cost a thing to smile; you don’t have to pay to laugh.” – India Arie


I’ve recently started getting back into doing Nike Training Club (NTC) workouts again. I’ve really missed NTC and it feels good to be back. I wish I had another space besides my house to do these workouts in but for now, my living room and bedroom will have to do. Since I don’t have a gym membership, the Nike app helps me maintain my summer body.

Here’s how¬†my week in fitness has gone so far:
Sun – nothing but I walked a lot
Mon, Dec 1st – Ran 1.15 miles in the cold
Tues, Dec 2nd – NTC “The Shedder” workout (30 mins)
Wed – nothing
Thurs, Dec 4th – NTC “Energizer” workout (45 mins)

All of my workouts this week have been full body workouts where I worked my arms, legs, and abs. I’m definitely feeling my strong muscles and it’s a great feeling. Next week, I want to incorporate yoga (more stretching) and hopefully 2-3 days of running (short runs). I plan to go shopping for new running gloves this weekend because that’s the one thing that’s keeping me from running outside. Another thing that I need to do is start finding free workouts in my new city.

Posting my workout plans on social media (such as twitter) definitely keeps me accountable because if I say I’m going to exercise then I should. Right? Of course. I feel that I would be letting my online friends down if I don’t workout. BUT, come on, in all seriousness, exercising should be for YOU and no one else. It should make you happy. As if you need reasons to exercise, here are 50 reasons below. Which is your favourite?

50 reasons to exercise


This blog started as a way for me to document my 1st marathon training experience. While that has been accomplished (I ran my 1st marathon), what’s next? Well, I will still post about fitness and running (including upcoming¬†giveaways) but I recently decided to start introducing new runners into my blogging space. So starting today, and once a week, I will post a story of a runner/fitness enthusiast. Some of these runners, I’ve met personally (face-to-face), some are my friends, and some I’ve met through the ever popular social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter).

Here are a few reasons why I started ‘Meet the Runners‘ –>

inspire readers of my blog to get and stay active — I’ll do this by posting a story of a new runner at least once a week which equals 4 times a month. I believe that one key motivation in keeping yourself motivated to stay active is by reading another person’s fitness journey. If you know of any male or female fitness addicts or runners, please direct them to fill out this google¬†form. I’d love to include him or her on my blog
introduce you to runners from all walks of life and across all cities/countries
keep my blog going by allowing me to continue sharing content –I sometimes get lazy and don’t want to blog so adding this project leaves me with something to do and it is easy

December + new city
Say whhhhaaattt? HOW is it December 2014 here already?? At the end of every year, I always wonder how the year went by so fast and how a new year will be upon us soon. Don’t you?¬†Haha, anyway, no matter how slow or fast your year went, I hope it was a joyful one.

My year has been fun yet busy with a recent move back home to Columbus. Even though I miss Chicago tremendously (I spent 3 years there and all my friends are there), moving back to C-bus was definitely what I personally needed to do. While I won’t bore you with the details as to why I moved, let’s just say it’s been great to see my niece everyday. Plus, this recent move may just get me closer to Washington D.C. which is where I eventually would love to be living within the next 3 years.

Run Chi

#RunChi (run Chicago) – The Chicago running community is by far one of the best in the country. There are so many running groups and you will always meet someone on the very popular lakeshore path.

Blog 1
I definitely miss Chicago and never taught I would move but I believe everything happens for a reason.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has arrived. Brrrr…If you know me, you know that I hate running in the cold only because every glove I’ve ever worn, did not work and my hands are always left freezing. Trust me, I would run more often if there were more comfortable conditions out there. I once ran my very first 10k (Nike Women’s 10K in 2013) in the rain and cold and I felt miserable while running but at least it didn’t rain during the whole run.¬†How do you stay active during cold winter months? I’d love to know so comment below.



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