Meet the Runner: Jonathan Levitt

“My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.” – Jonathan Levitt, Boston, MA (USA)


I’m super excited to introduce the next runner for #MeettheRunners because this is someone I’ve met personally through November Project and EnergyBits (he was the former community ambassador for EnergyBits). He just set a new 5K PR of 17:42 (amazing) and he ran his first marathon earlier this year at a time of 3:26:50. He currently works at InsideTracker “to help athletes use nutrition to perform better.”

He is on a quest to qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon and I’m routing for him all the way. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy his story below, it’s short and sweet.

Below is a an interview with Jonathan. These are his words and his running story.

When did you start running and why?
I started in college, but really got serious about it after the Boston Marathon events just about a year later.

What is your favourite distance to run?
5k. You can give it 100% and still walk the next day… or even 10 minutes later.

What has been your most memorable race so far?
Back the Track 5k. There were about 50 November Project friends there, and the race was hosted by Shalane Flanagan, who has been so motivating as I work towards crushing my goals.

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
Shalane Flanagan and Andrew Ference. They both care so much about community and helping others to become motivated and active. Both are now a part of the November Project family!

JL with Shalane F.
Jonathan with 2008 Olympic medal holder, Shalane Flanagan

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Make sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter or Instagram. Read more of his running adventures on his blog.

P.S. I love meeting other runners and fitness enthusiasts. To be featured on my blog, please fill out this form.



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