Giveaway: F^3 Lake Half-Marathon

“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.” – Priscilla Welch

Oh winter….how I love you so. Sitting by the fire with a blanket, sipping on some hot chocolate, and reading a good book as I watch the snowflakes fall out the window – these are some of my favourite things about winter. Oops, did I forget to mention running? Haha, I may have purposely forgot because I don’t run very much in freezing temps (if the weather is below 30F). But, there is a time for everything my friends 🙂

As I had mentioned last week, it’s giveaway time once again. If you are keen on running a half-marathon on January 24, 2015 in Chicago, then read below to find out how. But first, let’s learn what F^3 race events are all about.

F^3 Lake Half Marathon
Photo by Chat Marek for Endurance Photo

F^3 Events was started by Kimberley Stedman after she and her friends wanted to run somewhere different (they had been previously traveling to warm weather destinations during the winter months). The first official F^3 Lake Half Marathon was in January 2012 and the race has been a success ever since.

The upcoming race (2015) is being sponsored by Rem-Fit, a line of bedding for those with an active lifestyle

REM-Fit F^3 Half Marathon logo

Next year, the 6th annual race will be bigger and better. Here’s what’s in store:
–5K distance now available
–FREE photo downloads of all your race moments
–Pre and Post race party inside in the United Club at Soldier Field (stay warm)
–Discounted parking at Soldier Field
–Multiple days of packet pickup in the City and Suburbs
–Hot chocolate and other warming goodies provided by sponsors
–Bragging rights for life since this half marathon is a somewhat of a “badge of honour” race for Chicagoans since it’s in the middle of what’s expected to be a very cold winter.

After you cross the finish line, you can say that you ran in really cold weather conditions….brrrr.

You will also receive some goodies for signing up for the race. Race swag bag:
–F3 bottle opener medal (for half-marathon finishers only)
–Winter hat (beanie)
–Winter gloves

F3 Race Half-Marathon Goodie Bag

Okay, finally, how do you win already? Well, here are the race giveaway details:

What: One free giveaway entry plus REM-Fit will be providing the giveaway winner with the new REM-Fit Active, a sleep and activity tracker
Race day & date – Saturday. January 24, 2015
Race time -10:00am central time
Race locationSoldier Field located at 1410 Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, IL 60605
Price: $70/half marathon or $40/5K or WIN my giveaway

**How: Just comment below and let me know what you love about winter. I’ll pick a winner at random. The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 20. My friend Emily is running the same giveaway so after you comment below, make sure to enter on her blog as well.

At this point, I’m not 100% sure whether I will run the race, but I hope to see you all on race day. We will brave the cold together. Keep following my blog because I have lots of new and exciting things ahead including a race giveaway to the Sarasota Music Half-Marathon in Sarasota, Florida (Feb. 8th) and an About Time protein (vegan mix) giveaway.

How is everyone’s training/workouts coming along? Comment below. Keeping track of all your exercises (runs and such) can be really helpful. Normally, I don’t write down a lot about how I feel after a run or workout. This may be something I incorporate in 2015. Did you know you can win this awesome training journal for free? Details on this blog. That blog (RunFarGirl) is managed by Sarah. She is giving away 12 things for her ’12 days of giving’ on her blog. More info here.

Happy weekend!


**Rem-Fit is sponsoring this giveaway. They are providing me with one free race entry and I also get the new REM-Fit Active, a sleep and activity tracker in exchange for writing about the race. As always, all opinions are my own and I only write about things that I like**

To find out more about Rem-Fit, please visit their website here:


21 thoughts on “Giveaway: F^3 Lake Half-Marathon

  1. What I love about winter?

    The cool crisp clean air that runs through my lungs as I run outside. The beautiful scenery that we always get with newly fallen snow. The holidays. It wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t winter 🌀❄️💙

    I hope I get picked! Would love to run this race! I hope I win!!

    🙂 thanks for posting Agnes!


  2. After relocating to Chicago from California, the best part of winter for me is making me truly appreciate 50 plus degree weather that I used to just take for granted. I never felt the transitions between the seasons before. Now I truly appreciate what each season brings.

  3. What I love most about the winter – well, at least the first half of it – is the holiday spirit! People are so much kinder and pleasant during this time of year! 🙂

    Now, winter training on the other hand… :(. I have such a mental block about cold weather training, but I’m trying my best to get over that. I ran the Commitment Day 5K last year as a good faith attempt to conquer the cold, and let’s just say that my next two winter races were in Miami!!! Lol. It’s tough, but I’m going to give it a go yet again – especially while the weather is still above freezing!

  4. I just love winter in the city! Chicago is so beautiful in the winter, even if it is gloomy 98% of the time. I bundle up in my parka to see all the sights – trees, lights, shows – all of it! I also love when it snows and it is just so peaceful outside. The city gets so quiet and the snow blankets the buildings and streets, it’s great!

  5. One thing I love about winter is the first (semi-major) snowfall (as long as what happened last year doesn’t happen) because it’s so beautiful.

  6. One thing I love about winter is the challenge to get out an run on a cold morning, stepping into the cold air and feeling alive! The reward of hot coffee/chocolate and eggs post-run is always more satisfying in the winter as well 🙂

  7. Winter and I do NOT get along. Usually I hibernate and gain weight. Im lucky if I get 3 miles in every 2 weeks. Id like to keep active and run the F3 with some cool people. (No pun intended). Happy running everyone!

  8. Comming from a warm weather from my home town in Mexico makes me appreciate even more the beautiful winter season that the city of chicago has. running in the cold is just absolutly speechless, drinking apple cider and going for a run with friends makes the challenge even better. Our normal talks change by looking at christmas lights, people in the street wearing cute winter hats and thinking what a warm soup recipe we will make as soon as we are done with the mileage.

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