I’m a Brand Ambassador: MeStrength, GirlsRunFast, and City Fit Girls

I have some good news to share. I’m now a MeStrengthGirlsRunFast, and City Fit Girls Ambassador.


City Fit Girls

Girls Run Fast - Logo

Here’s a little info about these 3 brands:

MeStrength is a performance hydration sports drink mix. If you remember from this summer, I did a product review of MeStrength here. I’ve used MeStrength before my workouts for optimum performance and after my workouts for max recovery. MeStrength not only contains the electrolytes that your body needs but also creatine. You can read more about why this product is different from others like Gatorade here.

Since I am already physically active, I knew that joining a community of such like-minded people would be a great idea.

Girls Run Fast
I’m excited to join the #GirlsRunFast Ambassador program.

Our mission: “To inspire women’s inner strength and celebrate their achievements.” Our vision: “To help women celebrate their achievements through unique and inspirational custom jewelry at affordable prices.” Our values: “Provide the highest quality jewelry for the active female community.”

You can be an Ambassador too. Sign up here.

“City Fit Girls is a network of women who inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle at home, in the workplace and in social settings.” The company was founded by two ladies from Philadelphia, Takia McClendon and Kiera Smalls.

I’m excited to meet these women nationwide at races and other events. To apply to become an ambassador, go here. Learn more about City Fit Girls here.

Photo via CityFitGirls



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