Running last Saturday + injury update

Be thankful for the opportunity to run, whether it’s one mile, 10 miles or 15 miles.” – from athlete Meb Keflezighi


I went running this past weekend (on Saturday morning) with Columbus Running Company. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it there (the Short North location) on time because I left my house around 7:40am and the run started at 8am. I only live 15 mins away so I knew I would just make it. Indeed, I got there on time (at 8am) and they hadn’t left yet. They try to wait a few minutes after 8am to see if any last minute people would show up.

Before the run, I got to mingle with a few new friends. Sidenote: Did you know that Columbus Running Company was just named the 2014 running store of the year by Competitor Magazine? I think this is so awesome 🙂 This week, CRC is hosting a bunch of events (running related) to celebrate their award and I’m super excited to attend them.


There were about 10 of us total (a good mix of guys and gals). I stuck with the 10:00min/mile mini group. We ran down high street to the Olentangy river running trial. Since I just moved to Columbus, running on the Olentangy Trail was fun and different.

My left ankle started to hurt (get really tight) around mile 2 so I decided to turn around. Jim, one of the store employees, ran back with me which was nice. I got to know him a bit better and I found out that his wife is an Immigration Attorney so I can’t wait to connect with her soon.

My ankle still gets tight when I run really fast so this tells me that I should either slow down when I run or not run at all to become fully healed. As you know, I was really stubborn this summer and ran all summer because I was training for the Chicago marathon. I should have just taken a few months to heal. Anyway, only time will tell where this ankle pain is going.



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