Meet the Runner: Louise Bjerremann Jensen

My participation in the Palestine marathon in April 2014 was a big experience for me. Visiting the West Bank and experiencing the tough conditions that the Palestinian people face still affects me today.” – Louise B. Jensen, 35, Copenhagen, Denmark

unnamedPhoto: Taken during 2014 Copenhagen Half Marathon

Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city in Denmark. As such, there are plenty of runners in the city and one of them is Louise Jensen. Louise ran the NYC marathon this year and will continue to run many more races next year. It’s been such a pleasure to chat with Louise and get to know her. She is a very dedicated runner but still manages to have fun in the process. Read her story below.

When did you start running and why?
I was never good at any sports in school. Especially ball games; I tended to have a magnetic field around my head that constantly attracted the balls. Therefore, I’ve always been running, because everyone can run. However, it became more serious a couple of years ago when I was challenged (or provoked) by a colleague to run a half-marathon. That was in 2009. The training for that got me hooked and I started running more regularly.

unnamed (4)
Photo: Full focus during the 2014 NYC marathon

The next challenge for me was (of course?) to run a full marathon but this proved to be more difficult since I got injured in the process. It took me 1½ years to finally stand at the start line of a marathon. That was in 2011 in Odense, Denmark. My goal was to finish sub 4 hours which I managed.

The training up to this point I did by myself but I found out that I needed company and people to challenge me if I wanted to improve my running. Then I found the Copenhagen-based running crew, NBRO Running and I joined in 2012 and this has really lifted my running and given me the social aspect of a sport that is solitary in it’s core form. In New York in November I finished my 8th marathon.

What is your favourite distance to run?
I really enjoy half marathons but as I get faster, they become harder too so my favorite might become the marathon soon. I’m not very good at running fast but I’m good at running for a long period of time. Maybe I’m a future ultra-runner, who knows? I truly enjoy the longer distances; also the marathon training as it becomes almost meditative.

unnamed (3)
What has been your most memorable race so far?
My participation in the Palestine marathon in April 2014 was a big experience for me. I managed to finish second in the race. Visiting the West Bank and experiencing the tough conditions that the Palestinian people face was a huge experience and that still affects me today. The race is arranged by a couple of Danish girls and it means alot to me to support their cause “Right to Movement.” It is rooted in the Human Right to Movement and several running communities have started around the world. I’m a member of the Copenhagen version. The organisation is working on the 2015 edition of
Palestine marathon which it will take place on March 27.

unnamed (1)
Photo: April 2014 – After finishing 2nd in the Palestine marathon 

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
I’m inspired by all the fellow runners of my running crew and the other crews around the world. It is very inspirational to see people grow as runners and athletes, set goals, and reach those goals. It inspires me to aim higher and become a stronger runner.

unnamed (2)

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
For me running has also become a way to visit new countries and cities. My goal is therefore to run more places around the world and meet people with whom I share a passion for this sport. I’m looking forward to participating in the 2015 Boston marathon. So far, I’ve scheduled to run the Nagoya women’s marathon (in Japan) and the Toronto marathon. Furthermore, 2015 might be the year where I take on an ultra-marathon
for the first time.

How can people contact you?
My instagram is @ullubulullu where I mostly share running related pictures.

Do you have a fun non-fitness related fact that you would like to
I really enjoy reading. Especially when the weather grows darker in Copenhagen. I love to curl up on the couch with a good read and music on the radio. I need solitude once in awhile and this is a good way to get that. Besides it is a good challenge for my impatient mind 🙂 Besides that, I have a weak spot for tattoos and have a few myself.

I hope you enjoyed Louise’s running story as much as I did. My goal in creating this new series on my blog is to inspire other runners/athletes and also to connect with people from around the world. In the coming weeks, I will be featuring runners from France, Korea, Chicago, Canada, and many more places. I’m looking to feature even more local and international runners on my blog so if you know anyone interested, please have them fill out this google form.



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