Meet the Runner: Kyle Kranz

I used to weigh 230 pounds.” – Kyle Kranz, 27, Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)

2014-10-29 09.32.35

I’m happy to introduce Kyle to you all because he not only runs races but he is a running coach as well. For his job, he is the social media coordinator at Skora Running so he knows a lot about running. Read his story below.

When did you start running and why?
During my sophomore year of college I got bored with only cycling, so started doing triathlons. A couple years and an Ironman later I decided I hated to swim and focused exclusively on running. It’s been about 7 years now.

What is your favourite distance to run?
Any distance of trail here in the Black Hills!

What has been your most memorable race so far?
DNFing at the Canadian Death Race 125km, it was a turning point in my running.

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
The athletes I coach are incredibly inspiring to me! My “job” allows me to run and rest as I see fit, but they’re getting it done around kids, 9-5 jobs, family, etc.

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
I’d love to go under 17 in the 5k and under 1:19 in the half marathon.

If you would like to keep up with Kyle, make sure to visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter 

Do you have a fun non-fitness related fact that you would like to share?
I used to weigh 230 pounds.



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