Meet the Runner: Sara Larsen (AKA, Coach Sara)

I’d love to run races while I’m pregnant.” – Sara K. Larsen, 29, Glenview, IL (USA)

CES Group Photo

It’s my pleasure for me to introduce Sara Larsen to you all. I first met Sara in July this year at a marathon nutrition seminar that Fleet Feet Sports Chicago put together. Before that, I had met her online through the Chicago Running Bloggers community. After exchanging several tweets, it was awesome to finally meet her face-to-face. Not only is Sara super sweet but she enjoys being a running and health coach.

When did you start running and why?
I started running in college when I lived in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t know many people and my boyfriend and I bought a puppy (Maxie) and he had a lot of energy. We both quickly fell in love with running together. I then met a friend who was training for the 2010 Disney Marathon so I decided to run it with her. It was my first race and first marathon all at the same time.

What is your favourite distance to run?
The marathon is my favorite distance. I love the challenge and running long runs with husband, CES, or friends.

Sara - Chicago Marathon

What has been your most memorable race so far?
The 2011 Chicago Marathon when I ran for the American Cancer Society (ACS) and qualified for the Boston Marathon. ACS welcomed me with open arms, helped me meet my fundraising goal and was there cheering for me for the entire race. There really is nothing more satisfying than setting a big goal for yourself, achieving it and having your family and friends there to celebrate with you.

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
All the CES (Chicago Endurance Sports) runners I coach, especially the new runners. They start the program with so many fears and cross the finish line feeling on top of the world.

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
Hopefully running a couple of races while I’m pregnant and then I’ll aim for some post-baby PRs.

Do you have a run crew (running group) or are you a member of a fitness club/gym?
I’m a coach with Chicago Endurance Sports (CES) and we train out of the Fleet Feet Sports in Chicago.

Make sure to catch up with Coach Sara on twitter and her coaching website or her personal website.



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