2015 New Year’s Resolutions: My Goals to Glorify

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today” – author unknown


Let’s get personal and talk about goals. The new year is almost here and as such, many people around the globe will be making new year’s resolutions. I get it – there is no better time to set a new goal than in a new year.

I’ve seen a lot of my fitness friends make 2015 running goals. While it’s nice to have fitness goals (I always do), sometimes I don’t take time to set faith based goals. Thanks to Chelsy at FitandFaithful blog for reminding me to seek God more in 2015.

Next year, I want to really focus on my faith and make some spiritual goals. In fact, this goal is a daily goal and something I should be thinking about everyday. Here is what I wrote down yesterday for my #GoalsToGlorify :


Out of all my Goals to Glorify goals, reading the bible is definitely at the top of my list. Reading the Bible everyday (or a daily devotional) will help me draw closer to God and allow me to hear his voice.

Whether of not you are a Christian, do you think you will make any spiritual goals for 2015? I challenge you to try and see how your life changes. Use the image below from FitandFaithful and write down your own goals 🙂




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