2014: My Year in Running by Nike+

My story. My movement. My 2014 with Nike+

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2014. It’s no surprise that my final post in 2014 is about Nike. I mean, I did train with Nike Chicago for the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

Summer at Nike Bucktown

Photo above: The #2SixPoints Nike crew at the Nike Bucktown store before one of our training runs this summer.

Many running bloggers I follow have already written their running year in review for 2014. I would like to do something different.


Photo above: Breast Cancer 5K walk

Before we say hello to 2015, Nike has unraveled a few exciting things on their website. First, Nike+ users can now watch their year in running in a short video. Second, Nike has revealed city webpages for the top cities. The cities include Chicago, Toronto, NYC, and Los Angeles. Nike Chicago’s page is here.

Do you want to see my Nike+ video? Check out this cool video (below) made by the data team over at Nike plus (Nike+). This one minute film was designed by a French illustrator/director.

The video below failed to mention that I ran my first marathon (the Chicago Marathon) because I didn’t run with the Nike+ app during the marathon since my phone battery died and I don’t have a Nike+ GPS sports watch. Other than that, the video is cute.

In the video, Nike+ determined that I ran 310 miles in 2014 which is equivalent to running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Currently, my total mileage is 344.7 miles since Nike probably made my video around October/November. Nike+ then challenges me to conquer Thursdays next year because that was the day I ran the least in 2014. I think Thursdays were my cross-training days this summer (for marathon training).

Here is the full video of my year with Nike+ –

On their website, Nike states why they created these short videos, “To celebrate their year of activity and challenge athletes at any level to outdo their 2014 accomplishments, Nike is creating Your Year with Nike+, a series of unique, personalized animated films for the most active Nike+ athletes.”

Only those living in the United States and Canada got a personalized Nike+ video. You can read the full story behind this on the Nike website. The exact link is here.

I’ve had an up & down year for running in 2014. One of the ups included running my 1st marathon (the Chicago Marathon) and the only downside was getting injured (ankle pain).  I also got to collaborate with a few brands this year and offer giveaways. I then became an ambassador for MeStrength, City Fit Girls, and Girls Run Fast.

I’m looking forward to blogging again next year while tackling more miles on the streets and training smarter.

I hope you all will build on what your accomplished in 2014 and take that with you to 2015. Let’s all grow stronger in 2015 in fitness and life in general. I’ve enjoyed starting my fitness blog this year. See you all next year.


How will you outdo you in 2015? For more information, go to nike.com/youryear and download the latest Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running Apps.



6 thoughts on “2014: My Year in Running by Nike+

  1. Happy new year, Agnes!!! Love the video! Nike is such an amazing resource for all of us runners. What a bummer that you were dealing with injury. But, huge kudos to you for pushing through and still finishing the Chicago Marathon, amongst so many other challenges! So awesome that you are an ambassador for those three organizations, and got to work with some brands. They are all super lucky to have you on board as you are the best representative anyone could ever ask for!

    Cheers to 2015 being another amazing year where we all continue to get stronger in every way!!!!! See you at F^3 (yes?) and hopefully in Pittsburgh!!!!!!

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