AboutTime Protein Product Review + Giveaway

Have you tried About Time protein? Well, it’s about time you tried, ABOUT TIME. Haha, pun intended!


AboutTime Protein

As a runner and fitness fanatic, getting the right amounts of protein for my body is essential for optimal performance especially to maintain muscle mass.

I’m not new to protein powders. In the past, I’ve tried Perfect Fit protein from the creators of Tone It Up. Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz on twitter and Instagram about ABOUT TIME protein mix so I recently reached out to About Time. They were willing to send me some of their Vegan protein powder to try and give away to one of my blog readers.

I choose the About Time Vegan variety because I don’t like the taste of Whey protein. I’ve used About Time in many of my protein smoothies and I’ve loved it so far. The About Time vegan protein is NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE and DAIRY FREE. Vegans and non-vegans can benefit from the nutritional content.

What I made with About Time protein?
First, If you know me, you know that I don’t like drinking a cup of milk by itself. In fact, I don’t really like milk. I can only drink it with a bowl of cereal (almond milk – I no longer drink dairy milk). Similarly, I can’t drink a protein powder shake that is mixed with just milk or water. It doesn’t taste good to me that way. So, what I end up doing is adding a few items to protein powders before I drink or use it. I guess my taste buds are different. So, here’s how I like to eat my protein powder:

1 – protein pancakes: this can be made in different ways. I generally like to mix a banana, egg whites, and protein powder together. The bodybuilding website has a ton of recipes so check it out. Taste – okay/good. Protein pancakes are still something I’m trying to get used to. The taste is definitely an acquired one.

2 – smoothies: you can’t go wrong here. For my recipe, I usually make green smoothies. To do so, I normally mix in a cup of spinach (or Kale), almond milk, protein powder, and fresh or frozen fruit. Again, there are a lot of varities when it comes to making a green drink. Sometimes I even add coconut water into the blender. I use a nutribullet to blend all the ingredients together. Taste – delicious.

Delicious Blueberry Smoothie

****I’m not very creative when it comes to cooking/baking although I can be if I plan ahead. I was hoping to bake a few items with About Time protein but time got the better of me. Good news: Chaarg has posted some great recipes using About Time so click on the link below***

3 – CHAARG has written a lot about AboutTime. Check out the Chaarg blog here for recipes.

About Time

What I’m giving away – 3 sample packets of Vegan About Time protein (2 chocolate, 1 vanilla flavour).

To enter, comment below and let me know if you have tried a protein powder before and which brand. I’ll pick a winner at random and then I will email the winner directly. Only use your name and one email to enter (do not use multiple emails or names). You have until Friday, January 16th at 11:59pm EST to enter. Open to U.S. residents only (sorry Canada).

Have a good weekend!



13 thoughts on “AboutTime Protein Product Review + Giveaway

  1. Yes ! I have tried whey protei, vegan protein. I like more the vegan one because it doesnt feel as heavy as others like GNC and hammer proteins, i have only used them when im in a hard intensity training liek the marathon, other than that i like to be natural, and i make my smoothies with fruit and chia sweeds and coconut milk 😉

  2. Hi Aggie!
    I’ve tried Vega One Protein Powder (vegan), Vega Smoothie Protein Powder(vegan), Protein Milk Shake Bar (whey), and Now Foods Protein Powder (whey) and I currently have in my pantry Jarrow Brown Rice protein powder (Vegan).

  3. I’ve used a few protein powders before, like Vega One and Plantfusion. I love to try new flavors and brands so I’m always buying those little sample packets they sell at health food stores. 🙂

  4. Hi Aggie! I’ve used quite a few protein powders and love the protein pancake kick and smoothies (I just got a nutribullet and LOVE it). I’ve tried Muscle Milk, Cellucor, and Muscle Pharm to name a few. The only plant based one I’ve tried is Orgain though. I have seen quite a few posts about About Time and would love to try it!

  5. I’ve tried the About Time whey protein in cinnamon swirl and it is SO good! I also like Fitmixer’s chocolate protein powder.

  6. I have used a lot of different protein powders before but I have heard wonderful things about TryAboutTime, esp about how fantastic it tastes!

  7. THIS LOOKS SOOOOO UH-MAZING. I love blueberry anything. I wish it was in season year ’round. I have About Time in my pantry. Now that you’ve spoken so highly about it, I’m actually going to have to try it.

  8. Hi! I have tried MANY different protein powder …but yet to find one with simple ingredients that I feel good about using! would LOVE to try AboutTime whey. Being a busy girl in college, sometimes I just need a quick easy protein snack on the go 🙂

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