Meet the Runner: Lenka Kollar

My name is Lenka and I’m a 20-something woman that used to live in Chicago and I’m now getting my MBA at INSEAD in France. My health journey started a few years ago at the end of college when I realized that I couldn’t live off of pizza and beer for the rest of my life.” (excerpt from Health Fit Goddess) – Lenka Kollar, 27, Fontainebleau, France

Mini Marathon

I first met Lenka in 2013 through Nike Training Club in Lincoln Park (Chicago). In Dec. 2013, NTC Lincoln Park moved out of the Lincoln Park neighbourhood and into bustling Michigan Ave (NTC Chicago). As a runner, I would sometimes see Lenka running with the Chicago running group Crew Runs the World, the crew that got her through her 2nd Chicago Marathon which she ran in 2013. In August 2014, Lenka moved to France to attend business school. Here is an excerpt from her health and fitness blog —

“Running is my sport and I love doing races but I also really like high-intensity interval training classes. While qualifying for the Boston Marathon is one of my dreams, my favorite activity is actually hiking. Getting to the top of a mountain is one of the most gratifying experiences. In the picture below I climbed to the top of Rucu Pinchincha in Ecuador, at 15,406 feet!”


Here’s a short interview with Lenka.

When did you start running and why?
I started running with my Dad when I was younger and then became more serious about it on the Cross Country team in high school.

What is your favourite distance to run?
15K (or 9.3 miles)

What has been your most memorable race so far?
Nice-Cannes Marathon Relay (you can read her recap of the race here)

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
My Dad! He got me into running and is still very passionate about it.

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
I want to do another marathon relay and also buy a bike, so I can start training for a triathlon.

Do you have a fun non-fitness related fact that you would like to share?
I’m currently getting my MBA at INSEAD in France.

Keep up with Lenka on the following sites: (her blog), @lenkakollar (on twitter and Instagram) and (Her facebook page)



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