Day 1/30 – Take the leap: 30 days of Yoga with prAna and Sweat Pink

30 day Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink & Prana (DAY 1)


Day 1 of the challenge is over. Remember, my goal is to practice yoga 10-15 mins a day including learning the crow pose.

I started a new job today so I was pretty tired afterwards especially since I didn’t sleep early last night. I have about 8-9 weeks of intense work training ahead of me so life will begin to get hectic. Yoga will keep me focused on remaining calm amidst my busy schedule.

A few hours after work, I did an NTC Yoga workout (15 mins). It was the Solar Power yoga workout which consisted of several sun salutations and a few balancing series. Afterwards, I practiced the Bakasana (Crow Pose) and held it for about 2 seconds. I will need to work on strengthening my core to hold the crow pose for a longer period of time.

I encourage you to download the NTC (Nike Training Club) app unto your phone to get free workouts including free yoga workouts .

After yoga, I felt taller, more centered, and alive.

As the days progress, I want to start doing these short yoga sessions early in the morning before work. Mostly because after work I am either tired or I have so many other things to do.

Are you doing the Sweat Pink challenge? If so, how was day 1 for you? If you would like to participate in this challenge then you can read all about it here on my blog.



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