Day 3/30 – Take the leap: 30 days of Yoga with Prana and Sweat Pink

30 day Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink & Prana (Day 3)


Confidence is a muscle. Flex it.

Challenge dates – February 2nd – March 8th, 2015

My goal – 10 to 15 mins of Yoga a day along with working on the Crow pose

Today – I love that Yoga is a personal practice. No one tells you what to do or how to do it. Instead, you move from one pose to the next at your own pace. You find what works for you and you learn what doesn’t. Sooner or later, you become more balanced, centered, and perhaps taller (no more slouching on your chair). Yoga allows me to become more flexible and gives me time to clear my mind.

I love the #SweatPink and #Prana yoga challenge because there are no true guidelines. They have left the practice of yoga up to us as long as we do sometime every day for the full 30 days. So, I did about 15 mins of Yoga this evening. After work, I had some time to spare before heading to a Cross Fit workout (my first one…yay). I worked on the warrior 2 pose right before leaving for the Cross Fit gym.

After cross fit, I came back home and did some sun salutations like planned. Going from mountain pose to downward facing dog several times was definitely what I needed after CrossFit. All my muscles were loose.


I practiced crow pose as well. Challenging as always but I feel that I am getting better. When I get into the pose, I immediately bring both knees close to my armpit as possible. My knees end up just touching my triceps which is fine. I then raise the right leg up first then the left leg. I have noticed that I’m stronger on the right side. When I raise my left leg up to meet the right, it takes longer for me to get that leg up and thus, I fall out of the pose within 2 seconds.


I will need to go online and watch some instructional videos on how to do Bakasana (crow) pose.

Tomorrow is another day of learning 🙂



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