Day 4/30 – Take the leap: 30 days of Yoga with Prana and Sweat Pink

“Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.”


What – 30 day Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink & Prana (Day 4)

Challenge dates – February 2nd – March 8th 2015.

Goal – To do yoga for 10-15 mins a day and learn crow pose (Bakasana).

I’m happy to announce that my yoga workout today was 30 mins long (20 mins longer than I’ve been doing for the past 3 days. This evening, I did a Fitness Blender Yoga workout. All Fitness Blender workouts are FREE and high quality. I recommend that you check out their websiteu for access to plenty of exercise videos (cardio, strength, and yoga/Pilates).

I really enjoyed today’s yoga workout because it was very low impact. I restored and stretched out my tight muscles. I felt very relaxed during and after yoga My hamstrings and upper back muscles are a bit stiff from cross fit (weight lifting) last night.


I continue to work on the crow pose. I decided to watch a videoh on how to properly get into this pose. The video is excellent!!!! Tonight, I used some of the tips from that video to practice crow pose.


How do you stretch your body after a long day or a tough training session (running or strength training)? Let me know in the comments below.



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