Bringing Yoga Back – 12 day challenge


So far, the #TakeTheLeap Yoga challenge has been going well. You can read about all my 7 out of 30 days recap here. If you are not doing this Take the Leap Yoga challenge yet, well, there is now a new challenge within the #TakeTheLeap challenge. The challenge is called Bringing Yoga Back.

If you do these 12 yoga poses within the next 12 days and post a photo about it on Instagram, you will be entered to win $1000 worth of prAna gear for you and a friend. If you exercise a lot and need new gear, then this challenge is a great incentive for you to participate 🙂 Be sure to follow me on Instagram here.

12 Day Yoga Invitation! JOIN ME.

#SweatPinkAmbassador #SweatPink #FitApproach #NoExcuses

We’re #bringingyogaback in a big way this spring and want your help! To celebrate, we’re hosting a 12-day Instagram yoga-inspire-a-thon. DETAILS here –
This 12-Day Yoga Instagram Invitation campaign runs from Monday, Feb 9th – Feb 20th and can be incorporated into your #taketheleap challenge. So there is no need to do an extra yoga pose for the TakeTheLeapChallenge.
The prize?

$1000 in prAna gear for one lucky winner AND a friend!
To enter:

1) Follow @prAna on Instagram
2) Post a pic of yourself doing the pose of the day – you don’t have to post every day to enter
3) Use #bringingyogaback #taketheleap and tag both @prAna and @fitapproach
4) Get your friends & family in on the fun. Start posting on Monday, Feb. 9th. I invite all my @Instagram followers especially @jenitaks @justrunchicago @myethree @purpletime_girl @caricoss @leangirlsclub @anat_harel @quitatheroadrunner @corynstagram @kateseni & @sugarruns
Poses: Spring Awakening Sequence by Prana Ambassador, #MichaelFukumura

Day 1 – Shalambasana (Locust Pose) – Feb. 9th
Day 2 – Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – Feb 10th
Day 3 – Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana (One Leg Downward Facing Dog) – Feb. 11th
Day 4 – Low Lunge Hip Opener (Feb. 12th)
Day 5 – Vashistasana Variation (Feb. 13th)
Day 6 – Monkey Twist (Feb. 13th)
Day 7 – Ado Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) – Feb. 15th
Day 8 – Anjeneya Shoulder and Heart Opener (Feb. 16th)
Day 9 – Anjaneya Variation Hold Same Side Leg (Feb. 17th)
Day 10 – Anjaneya Variation Twist – Hold Opposite Side Leg (Feb. 18th)
Day 11 – Camatkarasana (Wild Thing) – Feb. 19th.
Day 12 – Tadasana (Mountain Pose) with Hands in Lotus Mudra – Feb. 20th

Remember to follow me on Instagram here.



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