Day 7/30 – Take the leap: 30 days of Yoga with Prana and Sweat Pink

“Never be afraid to start over, it’s a new chance to rebuild what you want.”


What – 30 day Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink & Prana (Day 6)

Challenge dates – February 2nd – March 8th 2015.

Goal – To do yoga for 10-15 mins a day and learn crow pose (Bakasana).

I woke up and did a quick Fitness Blender Yoga & Pilates workout.


“This Pilates Yoga Workout in particular is fantastic for times when you’re feeling a bit run down, mentally, physically, or both. If you want to take care of your body with exercise but for whatever reason you’re feeling mentally and physically whooped, this workout is respectful of the body and it’s need for rest. The stretches and light toning exercises get you moving and help improve circulation, without being overtaxing. If you feel like you don’t want to stay still but lack the energy or desire to push your body through a more brutal high intensity interval training workout, give this calming workout a shot, and I bet you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed by the time you’re done.”

This workout was exactly what I needed this morning after waking up in a bad mood. I also did a few Chaturanga Dandasana’s to warm up my legs and stretch out my back. Chaturanga Dandasana is one of the positions in the Sun Salutation sequence. Learn how to do Chaturanga Dandasana here.



I’ll practice Crow pose tonight as I watch the Grammy Awards.

I’m off to church now.



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