Day 8/30 – Take the leap Yoga Challenge and Day 1 of #BringingYogaBack

“Own your failure, no one is perfect. Always try and learn from defeat to prepare for your next victory. Adapt. Overcome.” #nevergiveup – John Cena


What – 30 day Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink and Prana (Day 8)

Take the Leap Challenge dates – February 2nd to March 8th 2015.

BringingYogaBack Challenge dates – February 9th – February 20th

Goal – To do yoga for 10-15 mins a day and learn crow pose (Bakasana).

Today’s pose was Shalambasana (Locust Pose)

Happy Monday!

This day seemed to have gone by so fast. This morning, I signed up for a free week of yoga at a local studio. After work, I went to this free Kundalini Yoga class which is a style of yoga that I’ve never done before. I didn’t love it that much but it was a good class because it was very restorative. Unlike Vinyasa style of yoga where the body moves around and flows a lot, Kundalini involves a lot of breathing, sitting, and chanting. I didn’t participate in the chanting because I don’t know what all of it means.

After yoga class, I practiced locust pose for a little bit. My back hurt while I was in the pose. I was squeezing my back to try to lift my legs and chest higher and I think I should have used more of my thighs and legs to push up.


Here’s a close up photo of me in locust pose


I’ll keep working on locust pose but in the mean time, my goal during the 30 day TakeTheLeap yoga challenge is to do 10-15mins of Yoga a day (accomplished today with a 1 hour class) AND practice Bakasana (Crow Pose). I’ll practice crow pose tonight. Yesterday, I noticed that I was able to do the crow pose really well but I have no picture to show it. It’s hard taking a photo by myself in crow pose because I have to place my phone at several angles before setting the timer.


I encourage you to participate in the 12 day Yoga Challenge. It will be fun plus, you don’t have to post a picture everyday on Instagram. More details here.



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