Meet the Runner: Zimatu C.

My 2015 running goal is “to get faster in the half marathon (my favorite race), break 4 hours in the 2015 NYC marathon, and re-learn how to swim.” – Zimatu C., New York City

Zimatu C

It’s time to introduce another runner. She is a fellow Nigerian like myself and lives in the bustling city of NYC. Even though she has a busy career in the medical field, she still finds time to exercise and run races.

Read Zimatu’s interview below.

When did you start running and why?

I began running at age 15. My close friends invited me to the track team. I enjoyed it but my expertise was in hurdles, high jump and the short sprints (100,200 & relays) and pentathlon (5 events: 100 meter hurdles, 800 meter run, high jump, long jump and shot put). My first experience with distance running was with a few seasons of cross country because a lot of my close friends were distance runners. I continued it in college because they cut the track team. I had fallen off for years after because every time I tried to run I had an exam get in the way (needed time to study). But I always loved how I felt running and the challenge so I set a goal in January 2013 to train for a half marathon (my longest race before that was 3.1 miles/5K). Since then, I have been running since. I plan to run until the day I die 🙂

What is your favourite distance to run?
Half marathon! – I have ran 8 so far.


What has been your most memorable race so far?
Do I have to choose? I have 2 races! 2013 ING NYC marathon and 2014 Staten Island half marathon. The 2013 NYC Marathon because it was my first marathon and just the pure joy of completing the race was amazing especially since the longest distance I ran prior was 13.1 miles. The 2014 Staten Island Half Marathon because of the teamwork and support I got from a friend that helped pace me and we had fun chatting a little during the race.

Is there an athlete or person that inspires you?
Again, I have more than one but professional runners include Bernard Lagat and Allison Felix. Personal friends: very supportive runner friend Adrian Paul!

Zimatu C.

What are your 2015 overall fitness or running goals?
To get faster in the half marathon (my favorite race), break 4 hours in the 2015 NYC marathon and re-learn how to swim

Do you have a fun non-fitness related fact that you would like to share?
I thrive off some sort of stress. My career is emergency medicine. And I crossed off a bucketlist item last year – sky diving; although, I prayed that if I didn’t survive that let the weather be bad. I only told my mother the night before when she was half asleep so she wouldn’t really realize what was about to happen…lol.

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