Yoga Challenge (#TakeTheLeap days 10-14) and (#BringingYogaBack days 3-7)

“You may never know what results from your action but if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

This quote couldn’t be more true. These past week has been busy for me and I would like to take this week to sit down and re-evaluate some goals that I have for myself this year.

Yoga Challenges – the goal of these challenges that Prana started is not to do Yoga everyday; although, that would be great. The goal instead is too practice a yoga pose everyday or essentially make yoga part of your everyday life for the time period of the challenge. Eventually, the long term goal is to continue to do yoga after the challenge ends.

Are you participating in the challenge? All you have to do is post a yoga pose unto Instagram for both challenges. For the #BringingYogaBack challenge, be sure to use these exact poses. If you participate in the challenge, you get a chance to win a great prize

Take the Leap Challenge dates – February 2nd to March 8th 2015.

Bringing Yoga Back Challenge dates – February 9th – February 20th (the mini challenge)

#TakeTheLeap challenge

Day 11 – Feb. 12th (Thursday)
Day 12 – Feb. 13th (Friday)
Day 13 – Feb. 14th (Saturday)
Day 14 – Feb. 15th (Sunday)

#BringingYogaBack challenge
Day 4 – Feb 12th (Thursday)
Day 5 – Feb 13th (Friday)
Day 6 – Feb 14th (Saturday)
Day 7 – Feb. 15th (Sunday)


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Have a good week everyone!!



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