3 Months. 1 Challenge: Nike #BetterForIt Challenge

Three Months. One Challenge.

“It takes 30 days to form a habit, 60 days to see progress and 90 days to see results. Committing to the challenge is hard, but we’ve made it easy to stay motivated and maintain your momentum.”

90 Day BetterForIt Challenge

Welcome to the month of APRIL! It’s time for a new fitness challenge. Both men and women can participate. While I didn’t complete the 30 day squat challenge last month, I’m on a mission to workout everyday for the next 90 days beginning on April 6th.

Nike Women has put together a 90 day fitness challenge which includes different kinds of workouts and running.


Workout schedule –>

April: Endurance.
May:  Strength
June: High-Intensity.

The 90-day Better For It Challenge was designed by Nike Master Trainers to help you increase endurance, build strength and get fitter, faster. Led by professional athletes, you’ll try new workouts every day including running, circuits, studio, and weekly throw downs.


By signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive bi-weekly emails that will serve as your complete guide to the 90-day Better For It Challenge. Emails will include your program schedule with direct links to N+TC workouts and nutrition insights that will keep you motivated all month long. Sign up anytime and commit to pushing yourself further than ever before.

May Strength Better For It

I’ve been doing this challenge since it started in early April but this week, I have struggled with exercising. I’ve had a crazy week because I am looking for a new car. So, my goal is to pump up my workouts these next week days.

Check out this video here for the Nike challenge. And click here to get more information about the challenge and to sign up.
Have fun!



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