A Nike Filled Weekend. NTC Tour – Los Angeles, California

This weekend is going to be awesome!!  Guess what? I’m in California right now for the Nike Training Club tour (fitness event). I flew in this morning and I had an amazing brunch at Bruh’s Wiffle (A Waffle Joint) with Jamaica and Maya.

Why am I in Los Angeles now?

@NikeWomen invited me to the NTC (Nike Training Club) event and they even sent me the new limited edition Nike Tight of the Moment (NTM x N +TC Tour) tights that were made especially for NTC Tour Los Angeles. Along with the tights, I got a cute bag and #BetterForIt water bottle.
Photo above from @JHLAD

What is NTC Tour?

NTC Tour is Nike Training Club’s live workouts. Nike Master trainers will be touring the world to bring the NTC app live. NTC Tour has already taken place in a few cities across the globe and the only stop in North America is Los Angeles and Mexcio City. If you use the NTC app on your phone to exercise then you already know about NTC. If you haven’t downloaded the NTC app yet then I encourage you to do so. It is free and you’ll be better for it.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates on this weekend starting with tonight when there will be a Nike group run. 




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