I am a pacer at the 2015 Columbus 10K

Hi there,

It’s been a while, and there is so much to catch up on!

I can’t believe June is already here. It seems like just yesterday when I was packing my bags and moving out of Chicago.

Photo via @NikeWomen

First, I had a blast at NTCTour LA in April. Full recap coming in a few days.

Secondly, I’m an official pacer at this year’s HOKA OneOne Columbus 10K race on Sunday, 07 June 2015. I got a free race entry in exchange for signing up to be a race pacer. I actually went to pick up my race shirt and bib earlier this evening from Columbus Running Company, the running store who is organizing this race.

I haven’t ran a race since last year’s Chicago Marathon (October 2014). Right now, my former run crew, Nike Chicago, is gearing up to begin training for this year’s Chicago Marathon. I miss all my Nike Chicago friends and the NTC Chicago (Nike Training Club) group. Thankfully, I’ve met some a great group called @livingfitcolumbus although, I actually haven’t been able to run with them in quite a while now.

I’m very excited to run this coming Sunday. The Columbus 10k is apparently the “oldest road race in Columbus.” I am also a bit nervous to run in 2 days since I will be pacing a group of runners but I choose to pace at a slower pace (11:30min/mile) so I should have no issues holding that pace consistently for 6 miles.

Hopefully my ankle doesn’t act up again. Say a prayer for me.

Third, summer is here. Time to put in one more mile.

I honestly have not been training (running and lifting weights) consistently as I used to. I’ve just been preoccupied with work/my career and trying to still learn French. But, I am ready for a change in mind, body, and spirit. Are you with me?

I love this quote from Nike:


P.S. I’ll be introducing a new runner on my blog next week as part of my Meet the Runners series. Stay tuned!

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Email: aggieblogs25@gmail.com
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Do you have any summer plans? Are you running a race? Will you travel somewhere? Comment below.



3 thoughts on “I am a pacer at the 2015 Columbus 10K

  1. I’m running a race in a couple of weeks, and then another on Fourth of July. They should be fun! No big travels planned right now – it’s really nice here during the summer – I like to save my travels for the winter when the weather gets really lousy here!

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