HokaOneOne Columbus 10K recap

I decided to run the 2015 Columbus 10k because the race organizers needed a few more race pacers at the last minute plus I got a free race entry. I hadn’t trained or exercised in the weeks leading up to the race because I didn’t know I would be running until a few days ago. I still happily signed up to run and pace (11:30min/mile pace group) a few days before the race. This probably was not a good idea but I figured that I am a fit person so nothing should go wrong on race day.

It was a beautiful spring morning for the Columbus 10k although it felt like summer because the temperatures got warmer towards the end of the race. The official day of summer will soon be arriving though! I ran this race just yesterday.

Just a few days ago, on Thursday, I picked up my race shirt and bib. I ended up not wearing the race shirt because it was too small. I should have gotten a size medium.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and ate a few almonds and drank some Mestrength, an all-natural electrolyte sports drink. I was all set to pace at the race.

I drove downtown and arrived around 8am then parked my car on broad street. The parking meters downtown are free on Sundays so that was an extra bonus. I then walked down to the race start area at COSI and met the pacers. I picked up my 11:30 pace ballon. I then saw Teresa and Deedra from @livingfitcolumbus so we took a photo and chatted a bit before the race started.


Before the race started, there was a kids fun run (0.62 miles I believe). It was really fun to see kids as young as 1 to around 7 years old running. Some kids ran with their parents and others ran by themselves.
After the kids run, the main event was next (the 10k). It started at 8:30am.

I started off pacing with my group (11:30min/mile) but after 3 miles I started feeling light headed and got a cramp in my stomach. So I had to slow down (walk a bit) and switched to pacing the 12:00min/mile group. It later dawned on me that I should have taken the pouch around my waist off because it was a bit tight (my heavy car key chain, lip gloss, ID, and credit card were in there). Besides my shortcomings, I crossed the finish line and got my medal 🙂 Thanks to NikeRunning for encouraging me about pacing (they give me tips as a first time pacer) and my overall race result.

My official finish time was 1:16:55.1 which in my standards is okay. I would have liked it if I ran the race between a 10:00min-10:30min/mile pace but considering my injuries, I did well. My ankles were surprisingly NOT tight as they have been in the past which I was very happy about. I think this is because I wore my Brooks Adrenaline shoes GTS 15 shoes. Since I have flat feet and over pronation, I thought it would be better to wear these shoes rather than my Skora shoes especially since the race was 6.2 miles (10km). The Brooks Adrenaline have good support. I would eventually like to go into barefoot shoes.

I ran this race for fun but I will most likely train for it next time. I felt pain in my thighs waking up this morning and I will have to stretch a lot this evening using my foam roller. It was a bad idea to lay around yesterday after the race and stretch. I guess I was lazy (lesson learned).

 Here are some of my thoughts on this race. You can find my race review on BibRave too:

–family friendly event with kids run

–not a crowded race

–race start was located at the COSI building so participants could use the indoor bathrooms before the race

–parking is available free downtown at any parking meter because the race was on a Sunday. The COSI parking lot was also available for parking

–the course went through downtown Columbus, 1 or 2 neighbourhoods, and then the Olentangy River trail which is beautiful

–the course has a few hills which I didn’t know about so be prepared to climb up some hills

–there isn’t a race expo since this is a smaller race. T-shirt and race bib pickup occurs at one of Columbus Running Company stores

–after the race, everyone received a water bottle with water already filled up in it which was nice because if you’re thirsty, you can drink water right away. All race participants also received a medal
–Post race: there were pancakes and sausages provided free of charge for everyone to indulge in. Skyline Chili also provided free food (hotdogs with chili and cheese)

Below is a photo of me and the male winners of the race (1st, 2nd, 3rd place). These men are originally from Kenya but they live in Kentucky now. It was a pleasure chatting with them after the race.
Have you ever been stubborn and ran a race without preparation? How was your weekend? Are you enjoying this weather? Comment below.

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