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Fuel Up - workoutNow that summer is officially here, many of you will be training for a Fall marathon or half-marathon. I just signed up to run the Columbus Half Marathon and I can’t wait for race day to arrive (October 18, 2015). I will be training with Columbus Running Company (CRC) and we actually kicked off training  already. We met for our first Saturday group run on June 27th. I choose CRC because they offer a free training program which includes group runs, speed runs, and even nutrition lectures with a registered dietitian on board.

The Columbus Half will be my first official half-marathon. Isn’t it funny that I ran my first marathon (the Chicago Marathon last year) before a half-marathon? Haha. Anyway, during training, it will be important for me to fuel my body correctly.

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I’m excited to participate in the second series of the Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA) Blogger Pros! SPA blogger pros is “a program that will promote the exchange of ideas, tips and personal stories on a range of healthy living and fitness topics so that we can motivate each other on our individual fitness journey.”

So how do you fuel for your run or workout? What do you use to hydrate? These topics are common questions among physically active individuals who exercise. Read more below to find out what I use as food fuel. Remember to use the discount code “AgnesRuns” for 25% off the all-natural hydration drink, MeStrength.

1) How do I fuel myself before, during, and post exercise?

Before a workout or a race, I normally don’t eat anything unless I am hungry. If I am going for a run that will take more than 45 mins, I eat something like a banana with peanut butter or some nuts.

If I eat 2 hours before exercise, then I may have a full meal but that normally only happens if I haven’t eaten lunch or dinner on that day. I try to snack throughout the day so that after work, I can exercise right away without having to eat. I think it is important not to eat anything too heavy before a run but everyone is different. I tend to get cramps if I eat too close to exercise.

During exercise (running longer than 45mins), I eat energy chews and clif shot bloks. are my personal favourite fuel source to take with me on a long run.

Post exercise, I like to eat a combination of healthy carbs (sweet potatoes) and protein (lean meat) along with vegetables. Here is a post workout tip from Nike:

Picky Bars


Pre-exercise, I also enjoy nutrition bars and I recently discovered Picky Bars one weekend ago at a CRC store location. I had heard of Picky Bars a long time ago but since it is a small company, I never found them in regular grocery stores.

2) How do I hydrate? Do I carry a hand-held water bottle on my runs?

Hydration is key to beginning and maintaining any exercise program. I don’t normally carry a watter bottle with me on my runs but when I do, it is a small hand-held bottle filled with water or electrolyte drink MeStrength.

It’s important not to wait until you’re thirsty to drink water.

Here are some signs that you’re not getting enough water.

Happy Training everyone!


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**Disclaimer – please note, I am not a certified health care professional (doctor, dietitian, physician, etc). Please consult your personal trainer or doctor before beginning any exercise program.**


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