I’m going to China: Athlete Ambassador

Hefei International Marathon

Photo via Getty Images, Xiao Lu Chu

If you follow my Instagram page then you already know that I was chosen as a Columbus Sister Cities International 2015 Athlete Ambassador to China. Many of my close friends are Asian so I am so honoured and happy that I will be traveling to China in October as a Columbus Athlete Ambassador. To donate to my ambassador trip, please click here

My upcoming trip to China will definitely be a big highlight in 2015. I’ve always envied Tom for running so many races across the U.S. and the world and now, I will finally get my chance. I thank God 🙂


In collaboration with the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, 11 athletes were chosen to travel to 3 respective countries to represent the city of Columbus, Ohio. the 3 countries are: China, Germany, and Brazil. The runners going to Germany are actually going through the Dresden Sister Cities group.

I found out in early July that I will be going to Hefei, China to run the 2015 Hefei International Marathon. I will be running the half-marathon distance and the race is on 25 October. I am super excited to be running a race abroad and to be chosen as an Athlete Ambassador. This trip will be very special because my birthday is on 20 October so I know I will have a great celebration in CHINA.

Here are some other facts about this Sister City trip:

  • this is a 5 day sponsored trip (Nationwide Children’s Hospital will cover part of each Athlete’s travel airfare)
  • each Athlete will stay with a host family in their respective countries
    • the host families in all 3 countries all offered to host each Athlete without any additional cost to the athlete
  • all race costs and fees will be covered for each athlete including a post-race celebration
  • each Athlete went through an application process and were selected to participate on the trip
  • each Athlete will tour and learn about the city they are visiting
    • I will be in Hefei, China which is the “capital and largest city of Anhui Province in Eastern China. A prefecture-level city, it is the political, economic, and cultural center of Anhui.” (via Wikipedia)

Columbus Sister Cities International

After staying in Hefei for 5 days, I plan to travel to Beijing, China. I told myself that I couldn’t visit Asia for the 1st time without seeing The Great Wall of China so I’m super excited to tour the city of Beijing. I will most likely stay in Beijing for 3-4 days then head back to America.

  • Most importantly, I can’t wait to see my friend Kitty who lives in Hong Kong and my other friend Lijen, who lives in Taiwan. I haven’t seen them in over 6 years.


Photo via Wikipedia

What countries have you traveled to recently or in the past? Have you ran a race abroad before?



6 thoughts on “I’m going to China: Athlete Ambassador

  1. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Agnes!!! You are the perfect ambassador and you will represent SO well. I am super excited to hear about your experience! I love that you’ll get the true local experience, too, as opposed to just staying in a hotel!!!

  2. Wow! Congrats on getting this amazing opportunity! It sounds like a once in a lifetime event 🙂 running through a city definitely shows you a side of the city that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s always neat to see the differences in how races are put together in other countries. I’ve run races in Brasil, Canada and Denmark and all had their own unique quirks 🙂

  3. Hi! The Hefei Marathon picture on your page is my photography:) And I will come to 2015 Hefei Marathon and have a photo interview again. My hometown is Hefei and I leave there for 18 years until I came to Beijing. Maybe I can take you go around in Hefei and Beijing as I can have some photo interview for you and your group. All pictures will publish on Getty Images. Please contact me if you are interested. My email is czqs2000@163.com

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