Who inspires you? #LJInspired #SweatPink

As a SweatPink Ambassador, I am connected with an amazing group of inspirational women who enjoy fitness as much as I do. Outside of the #SweatPink online community, I’ve met many inspirational men and women through social media (and in person) who inspire me everyday to dream big and achieve more.

There are so many inspirational people in my networks that it’s hard to choose who inspires me but here are a few:

Jennifer F.

Photo above via Jen’s Instagram page.

I met Jennifer in April this year at a Six02 fitness event in Los Angeles, California. The event was a Q & A session with @TwoBadBodies and this was also the weekend of Nike #NTCTourLA.

Jennifer Forrester is a personal trainer based in Seattle, Washington. She inspires me because she is fierce and strong. She is super authentic and is of course very fit. The reason I started following her on Instagram was just for our common love for running. I was a sprinter in high school and Jennifer was a sprinter as a college student at The University of Washington. Check out her amazing fitness videos and photos on her Instagram page. Hi Jen, can I have your ABS?

Jennifer Forrester

Plenty of people in Chicago know Dave from 3Run2 running group and others may know him because of his weight loss story (he lost about 130 pounds). How do I know him? I may have crossed paths with David several times on the Chicago lakeshore path last year but we have actually never met face-to-face or at least officially. We are friends on Instagram, twitter, and facebook. While we may not have been formally introduced, I once saw him through the window of a Lululemon store in Chicago running what I believe was 100 miles on a treadmill, non-stop I think. Yes, I said 100 MILES! Crazy huh? His story made the news.


Photo via Syndicate Track Club.

David inspires me because he runs for charity (see above: running 100 miles in 24 hours for Smile Train) and he truly cares about his community. He also helps other people become faster runners (example 1, example 2) and he recently started a running project called Syndicate Track Club. I’d love to meet Dave one day and chat about the trip he took to South Africa just because I grew up in South Africa. Keep it up Dave! I hope to run with you one day.

Like David, I’ve actually never met Nate in person but who ever said you need to meet someone for them to inspire you? No one! Nate and I follow each other on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Sometimes I feel that a few of my social media friends and I once met in a past life. Okay, Agnes, don’t get carried away here, but seriously it’s true.

Nate Forse - Train Chicago with Nike

Nate inspires me because he defies limits and always aims for the best in everything he does. He is a personal trainer in Chicago and he was picked to be a trainer with Nike at Train Chicago, a 6-week free summer program that Nike launched this summer to train athletes. Looking at all his workout videos online will make you sweat. No, literally. Go watch one now. Nate also inspires me because he is a man of faith who keeps God at the center of his life. I think I actually started following him on Instagram a long time ago through a religious post that I saw someone post (from @CityChurchChi) or something of that sort.

Nikki was recently announced as the 2015 Women’s Health MagazineNext Fitness Star‘. She is a personal trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona (at the gym Scottsdale Bodi that she owns) and a Nike Master Trainer. I first met Nikki back in 2012/2013 when I was still living in Chicago and working part time as a yoga sculpt instructor. I needed a place to teach and a common friend recommended that I teach at the gym that Nikki taught her fitness classes at (Enrgi Fitness). Nikki gave me a chance to sub a few classes at her gym and I was forever grateful. I later started going to Nikki’s Nike NTC classes and the rest is history.

Photo via a Nikki’s Instagram.

Nikki inspires me because she is fun, fast, and fabulous. Her classes are intense and full of high energy. I love that she encourages women to lift weights and that she sees possibility and potential in everyone. Next time you are at the gym, grab those battle ropes and pull up bars and get to work. Nikki believes that mixing up your workouts and making them fun will serve you well in the long run.

Nikki M

Photo via google search.

There are so many others in the fitness industry that inspire me such as:

Sarah Dussault — a personal trainer and Youtube sensation based in Boston

Nij (Nasif Nijabat) — a super fast runner based in London, U.K. (whom I would love to meet)

Cassey Ho — a Pilates instructor based in California – her fitness and health videos are awesome!

Rachel Kerr from The Beauty Barre — a yoga instructor based in Columbus, Ohio

Black Girls Run co-founders: Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks-Rocha

My friend Cindy from Mexico who I met in Chicago last year (photo of us immediately below)

Jonathan Levitt – a runner that I met through November Project

Chicago Nutritional Health Coach and running Coach Sara Larsen — a soon to be Mother

And so on…the list of who inspires me continues. I wanted to keep this list short and sweet but I’m not sure this was a short list…haha.

Who inspires you? The person doesn’t have to be a fitness trainer. Comment below and let me know.

Have a good weekend!




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