About Me

Jumping High at Nike Bucktown
Photo: Jumping for joy at Nike Bucktown in Chicago.

Agnes, a native Nigerian, is a fitness blogger living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Before moving to Columbus, she lived in Chicago, Illinois for 3 years. While living in Chicago, she started this blog in June 2014 as a way to document her training journey to the Chicago Marathon, her first marathon where she was invited to train exclusively with Nike Chicago.

As a former Yoga Sculpt instructor at CorePowerYoga, she enjoys maintaining a healthy body even in a heated yoga studio. Running has always being apart of her life since primary and high school where she was on the track and field team and performed as a top sprinter. 2014 is when she begun long distance runningShe believes that exercising and eating a balanced diet are keys to a successful life. Without a healthy body and mind, goals in life will not be achievable. 
Once intimated about crossing the finish line of a marathon (26.2 miles), she now lives for the moments when others say to her: “Agnes, thank you for inspiring me to start my fitness journey.” She has ran races in Nigeria, South Africa, the United States (Chicago, Columbus, and Los-Angeles) and will soon be running a half-marathon in Hefei, China as a Columbus Athlete Ambassador. Outside of running, she raises money for Charity:Water, trains with Nike+ training club, and enjoys attending church. 


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Grace,

    Thanks, I love taking pictures. My goal to run all 50 states isn’t really a true (set-in-stone) goal yet. Once I get planning, I will make this goal a reality. You’ve run in more states than I have. Running in 6 states is a great accomplishment for you and it’s not sad. But, I know how it is comparing yourself to another. I too would love to run in as many states as possible but races are expensive and I’m not rich…lol.


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