Meet the Runner and Fitness Enthusiast

Meet Runners and other Athletes

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I started this feature on my blog on Friday, 05 December 2014. I did this to create new content on my blog and I thought this would be a fun way to do that. Meeting other runners and fitness fanatics always inspires me to push further towards my running goals. I hope reading stories of these awesome athletes & runners will motivate you to continue striving for more in your fitness journey.

I plan to add a new runner/fitness enthusiast either once or twice a week (or 4-8 times per month). I’ll pick these people from my growing list. Some of these people I know personally and some I’ve met via social media.

Do you know someone who would love to be added to my list? Please have them fill out the info form here. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be a runner. They can just be into fitness in general (yoga, boxing, cycling, swimming, etc).

2014 runners featured on my blog:
1 – Savannah Fisher (Brock, Texas – United States)
2 – Jonathan Levitt (Boston, MA – United States)
3 – Nasif Nijabat (London, United Kingdom)
4 – Gabriel Romero (New York City, NY – United States)
5 – Louise B. Jensen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
6 – Sara Larsen (Chicago, IL – United States)
7 – Kyle Kranz (Rapid City, South Dakota – United States)
8 – Lizette Marroquin (Los Angeles, California – United States)
9 – Hyeki Kim (Seoul, South Korea)

2015 runners featured on my blog:

1 – Lenka Kollar (Fontainebleau, France)
2 – Alex Mazzurco (Cleveland, Ohio – USA)
3 – Andrea Arnold (San Diego, CA – USA)
4 – Zimatu Chukumerije (New York, NY, USA)
5 – Jarick Walker (Boston, MA)
6 – Robyn Kolk (Kalamazoo, MI)


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